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Marketing, Concessions, Reserves

Oil Marketing

TransGlobe began direct marketing Eastern Desert entitlement crude oil to international buyers in 2015. Direct oil marketing has improved liquidity and decreased credit risk.

EGPC’s cooperation on TransGlobe Energy’s export initiative is a positive indication of Egypt’s commitment to becoming a more open economy and attracting foreign investment.

Egypt Concession Summary

Size (Acres)
Concession (WI) Gross Net Year Acquired Type First Production
West Gharib 100% 22,775 22,775 2007 Development Jan 2000
NW Gharib 100% 11,199 11,199 2013 Development Dec 2016
West Bakr 100% 11,143 11,143 2011 Development June 1980
South Ghazalat 100% 7,358 7,358 2019 Development Dec 2019
Company Total 100% 52,474 52,474

Canada Landholdings

Size (Acres)
Area Average WI Size (Gross) Size (Net) Year of Entry
Harmattan 91% 83,478 75,625 2016


Reserves and estimated future net revenues, as presented by GLJ Petroleum Consultants Ltd. ("GLJ") of Calgary, Alberta, are included in the Company's Annual Information Form, and is filed on SEDAR (http://www.sedar.com/).