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TransGlobe holds 100% working interests in four Production Sharing Concessions (“PSCs”) in Egypt and holds high working interest assets in the Harmattan area of Western Canada.

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In Egypt, TransGlobe acquired the rights to three oil development concessions in the Eastern Desert (West Gharib, West Bakr and North West Gharib) and one oil development concession in the Western Desert (South Ghazalat). These acquisitions are a template for the Company’s strategy around rigorous technical work, capital discipline and implementation and utilization of proven oil field technologies.

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In Canada, TransGlobe holds high working interest in producing properties in the Harmattan area of Central Alberta. These propert ies contain low - risk development upside within the well - defined Cardium and Ellerslie formations which can provide for stable production growth. The Company’s strategy in Canada is to maintain Canadian light oil production and test acquired lands for comme rciality during the current lower price environment and return to growth when supported by commodity prices.

TransGlobe is focused on building a profitable and growth oriented international portfolio

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