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Sustainability, HSES and ESG

Sustainability and TransGlobe

TransGlobe Energy Corporation plans and executes its business activities with a strong sense of responsibility, and this has been reflected in a demonstrable track record of performance in Heath, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility (“HSES”).

While historically an integral part of its business, we recognize the value to transparently report to our investors the Company’s performance in these areas. In 2020, TransGlobe moved towards a Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (“SASB”) compliant framework of reporting its sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) performance.

Our Annual SASB sustainability reports, as they are published, can now be accessed in the link below.

TransGlobe is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all employees, business partners, visitors and the communities in which it operates and supports a sustainable approach to the environment in all its activities. It is our goal to achieve an injury and accident-free workplace. As such, all levels of management are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe workplace with proper procedures, training and equipment to ensure that work activities are performed in compliance with the Company’s policies, accepted industry standards, and applicable government regulations.

TransGlobe Energy Corporation Sustainability Statement

TransGlobe Energy Corporation recognizes the importance of executing its business activities in a responsible way, specifically acknowledging that its activities impact the communities within which it operates directly and the broader population at large.

TransGlobe Energy Corporation acknowledges that human activity has a climate change impact, and that carbon neutrality from human activity is a key international goal.

Egypt Eastern Desert Renewable Energy Pilot

TransGlobe Energy Corporation is committed to measuring, reporting, and improving its operational footprint in five key areas of sustainability performance.

The Company will:

  • execute operations in a socially responsible way, ensuring its local communities benefit from the way it invests and conducts its activities;
  • work to understand the environmental impacts of its operations, specifically carbon emissions intensity, water use, and air quality;
  • minimise potential adverse impacts of its operations on the health and safety of its workforce and communities in which it operates;
  • manage its business to a high standard of corporate conduct; and
  • transparently report the sustainability performance of its business, moving to full compliance with SASB.

Recent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects

TransGlobe Energy provides support to the communities in which we operate, both directly to those communities, and, indirectly, through working with national CSR bodies that concentrate and focus industry social investment where it is most needed. Some of our more recent CSR projects have include these three in Canada and Egypt.

Delivering TransGlobe Covid-19 Relief Packages in Egypt

In Alberta, Canada, local to our area of operations, the Company was the Platinum Sponsor of the Cremona School hosting the 10 team provincial ACAA 1A Girls Basketball Championships.

In Egypt, the Company, through our participation in an industry CSR committee, has supported two recent projects: the purchase and delivery of Covid relief packages and the purchase of 50 new houses for families affected by the floods in Khor Awada village in Aswan. The first phase of the housing project is now complete. Each house was provided with electric equipment and furniture, in addition to a goat breeding project to ensure sustainable income for these families. The CSR committee that TransGlobe Energy supports is focused on a number of further initiatives, including decent life, educational programs and women empowering programs.